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Project and project work

A project is a planned and limited task (a one-time task). It has a fixed objective and is performed within a predetermined time, with predetermined resource frames and occupational groups. Project objectives must be defined and clarified. The main goal must be broken down into sub-goals. The schedule and budgets must be complied with.

Project tasks affecting internal efficiency include developing new systems and procedures, designing organizational structures, renew plans for distribution of responsibilities and roles and plans for other PSO-projects (Personnel development, Systems development, Organizational development).

Traditional projects affecting external efficiency includes differentiating among demands from users in accordance with demography and local interests to adapt supply of goods and services. But tasks can also be completely new and without previous prescriptions.

Project demand clear lines of responsibility, cooperation between different groups and explicitly formulated work plans and a conscious link between theory and practice regarding problem solving. Large projects can build on a pilot project