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Ethical areas

In organizational life, ethics is obviously important in three areas: the contact the organization has with its surroundings, the products it offers and the decisions that are made and their consequences (cf. Brady, 1991). (jfr. bl. a. Brady, 1991).

In the Organizational model the Oktograph these ethical areas are expressed through four management and business processes:
  1. The Process of Decision-making (beslutningsprosess)
  2. The Process of Communication (kommunikasjonsprosess)
  3. The Process of Production and Distribution (Produksjonsprosess)
  4. The Process of Innovation and change ethics (innovasjonsprosessen)
Within these processes there are ethical questions. It is, for instance, unethical not to execute decisions that you have disagreed with; pretend to communicate well with everyone in the workplace; put conditions on employees that you yourself do not respect; invite to exchange of views with employees, but act according to your own wishes; present pork as something else in order to sell the product to Muslims, Christian Adventists or Jews; Sell your labor knowing that it is at the expense of the permanent position you have; mistake others in order to achieve something yourself, etc.