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G. Yukl: Leadership is more than influencing employees

Go through this exercise as follows:

  1. Click to read the following short summary about G. Yukl
  2. Then answer the proposed questions based on your understanding of the summary.
  3. In the scroll bar to the right, select the number 1 for what you remember.
  4. The clickable keywords in each question propose an answer.
What characterizes the management theory of Gary Yukl?
How does Gary Yukl conceives leadership style??
What are the situational variables Gary Yukl talkes about?
What are the intervening variables Yukl believes that managers and staff largely have control over?
How do subordinates react when the relation leader-subordinate is negative?
What are the three groups of situational variables that Yukl mentions in his Multiple Lincage Model?
In what way does Gary Yukl exceed other leadership theories?
What should the manager do to influence effectively according to Gary Yukl?
What can the model of Gary Yukl be criticized for?
the answer:
Give examples of situational variables that directly affect the intervening variables, for instance, the variable "group cohesion and teamwork".
Consult the figure of Gary Yukl and reflect on the location of the variables in the model. [Here] Konsulenten




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