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Gantt-skjema: some reflections


Write down somes lines befor you click at the button "Hint"
You will find the whole text by the end by if you want to copy it over.

What is a Gantt diagram and what do you see behind the diagrams
horisontal lines or plates?
How is the use of visualising activites on the Gantt diagram?
Which methods and techniques could be used together with
Gantt diagrams and why?
Where do the strengthes and weaknesses lie on a Gant-diagram?
What can you compare Gantt diagram to?
Is it necessary to draw Gantt diagrams manually?
Which concepts and methods and useful as a background to enable you to
work with Gantt diagrams?
How to explain and interpret a Gantt diagram? (examples from the Internet)
Which other instruments are similar to Gantt that they could be
used in stead of it?

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