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Plans and Management Systems [Norsk]

Management and planning documents within an organization include:
  • Organization and management philosophy: culture, decentralization, delegation, leadership styles
  • Documents for registration, grunderidÈ and statutes
  • Laws and contracts: principal agreements, collective agreements, special agreement
  • Overall planning and management documents: principles, board decisions, budgets etc.
  • Strategic plans (4 years) scenarios, priority areas.
  • Purchasing Policy
  • ICT strategies
  • Media Policy
  • Personnel policy: education, development and career planning
  • Organizational chart, job descriptions, roles and responsibility distribution plans
  • Routine Descriptions and Procedures
  • Quality plan: norms and standards
  • Budgets (1 year) and binding resource limits
  • Action Plans
  • Criteria and methods for planning, management and evaluation
There are many such documents in an organization (see the Octograph under MPO). In the personnel department, for instance, we find personnel policy (PPO), HR planning (PPL), enrollement procedures (PAP) and personnel policy instruments (PPV) such as appraisal interview and career planning.