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Factors of Resistance within Change Work

Here are some resistance factors that disturb change work. You should reflect on how to deal with such resistance factors. Then you read the suggested answers under the button "hint". If you agree with a proposal, select number "1" in the scroll to the right. If the proposal is deficient, you select number "0". Exercise is pointless if you read "hint" without first having reflected!
Fire station strategy:
Here changes occur as a result of crises and the resources are used as instruments for fire fighting units.
Which measures can prevent fire station strategy?
Unrealistic expectations:
- "Everything should be fine now, all problems will be solved"
- "That was what I knew, it did not."
It is legitimate to continue to do what you've always done.
What measures can prevent such expectations?
Big personnel conflicts:
Such personnel conflicts could be disturbing. It can f. Ex. prevent clarification and maturation of change work.
What measures or actions can you think about here
Delivery of finished products:
Readymade solutions recommended and accepted because of time pressure or because the challenges are complex.
What measures can you think of here.
Confidence in OU Adviser: :
An important question is whether the organization believes that OU consultant has the knowledge, skills and attitudes which it considers necessary.
What measures can you think of here?
Management lacks the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes:
It all becomes more complicated if one uncovers that the organization has a management team that clearly does not hold a minimum level in relation to the required knowledge, skills and attitudes within management area.
What measures can you think of here?
Conflicts of Interest and problems of integration
Organizations with multiple objectives will often have to live with conflicts of interest between those who represent these different objectives. Lack of integration and of a unified goal structure can cause some to look at organizational as an arena for tactical games to realize their own interests.
What measures can you think here?
Weak cultural mix
Culture Mix is not meaningful when the inherited organizational culture and the current leadership profile (sum of leadership roles and cooperation of employees) is not coordinated.
What measures can you think of here?

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