Today, a week after Easter, you hold your first ordinary meeting. The agenda includes the further processing of Desiderata. However, when you ask your colleagues about how the document should be examined and structured, Ivar and Lars, and in particular Lars, express satisfaction with the present versions. Their argument is that the contents, as it is per today, appeal to most people in the organization. Thus, further processing is not necessary. Lars says that it will increase time pressure. Ivar proposes alternative solutions. What shall you do?

Confine yourself to the present versions.
Decide alone that all the Chief Municipal Officers shall be involved in structuring Desiderata.
Recall the schedule from an earlier meeting, and expect that the conflict will be resolved during this meeting.
I will first reflect on the personality traits and the behavioural attitudes of my subordinates. The number of this page [Pass-045] is my password back here. I note it down and move further.
I will consult the details of Desiderata before undertaking a choice. The number of this page is my password back here.
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