You and your four Chief Municipal Officers are responsible for the entire organization. The third year regarding your plan to build up a team approaches its end.

A while before Easter, you started on a supplement to existing policy documents that is called Desiderata (plural of desideratum: something missing, a lack that has to be remedied). Desiderata shall cover the processes of decision-making, communication, production and innovation, and shall serve as internal guidelines for the management and employees.

Various questions were selected from different agendas and documents, and outlined in a questionnaire. Questions were then sent to a sample of employees to answer them, supplement them and give them legitimacy.

Project groups, led by Chief Municipal Officers, have received and carried out discussions to further process the gathered responses. The "final" proposal now rests with you. The four proposals from the four departments include divergences that must be harmonised.

The management team agrees that Desiderata is important for team building and functional internal procedures. However, the document must be carefully processed, before it is produced as a "binding" tool. You have scheduled three meetings for after Easter for this task. The question after Easter is whether the document should be further processed or not.

Go to page 045 and (important!) trace your road through the pages of the Labyrinth for further discussions in your group.
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