After completing your education at HiOA, Faculty of Social Sciences (SAM), you began to work in the public sector. You have worked for 25 years in Hoegsletten municipality. For some years ago, you took over as Head of Administration (Chief Municipal Executive). One of your goals was to use the first three years to reorganize the municipality, as well as build up a team consisting of you and four Chief Municipal Officers as your subordinates; two women, Sara and Anne-Lisa, and two men, Lars and Ivar.
is 60 years old, grandmother of four, long service in the municipality. She has worked her way up laboriously and slowly, using competency courses.
is 47 years old, has two children, interested in equality and social values, active in Labour Party and educated within the college system.
was encouraged by the former Head of Administration to seek her position, based on earlier proficiency in another post. She is 32 years old, beautiful woman, brown eyes and long dark hair. Always elegantly dressed.
is 32 years old, economist of education, charming, interested in sport cars. He is waiting for a chance within the private sector.
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