I deepen some points of DESIDEATA through consulting the Octograph.
Desiderata (plural of Desideratum) means a lack desired things to be remedied. The name is borrowed from a famous poem from 1692.

I go to the beginning to start with the actual labyrinth

1-Steering Responsibility:
  • Formulate objektives, planify, decide on priorities and systems of follow up.
  • Find good solutions in relation to the distribution of tasks, authority and reallocation of resources (allocation of competence).
  • Acquire and master the ability and willingness to take decisions, also unpopular, and to impliment them.
  • Tackle turbulence and sudden changes and be willing to deviate from fixed patterns.
  • Ensure the evaluation of own and others results.

    1-1- Styringssystemer:
  • Ensure design of good policies, planning documents, systems and procedures.

    1-2- Participation and involvement:
  • Consult employees in relation to decisions.
  • Create awareness for decisions in relation to management systems.
  • Delegate duties and authority to employees.
  • Cover employees' specific needs, but also the need for well-being, economic reasoning, (understanding of economic performance and the reduction of losses ...)
2. Responsibility for employees
  • Listen actively and show interest in what others have to say.
  • Provide guidance and advice, and give clear signals (in tone, tact and speech) on what you wish and expect.
  • Create security, good working environment and good working conditions.
  • Create open relationships to partners

    2.1. Needs coverage:
  • Noticing and responding to signals of satisfaction and similar factors of importance.

    2.2. Styles of co-existence:
  • Take up conflicts when necessary and handle them.
  • Provide an accepted feedback culture among the staff.
3. Responsibility for demands:
  • Finding good solutions based on user needs.
  • Profiling service to its users and develop needed resources.
  • Finding good solutions to changing demand from the local community

    3.1. The flow of demand:
  • Follow up and evaluates services.
  • Reveal bottlenecks and flow of cases into the right places within the organization

    3.2. Development of offer:
  • Making and revealing congruence between the organization offers and society's expectations
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