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Trait theories
Tannenbaum og Schmidt: 7 styles and 4 forms of interaction
Mintzberg's role theory: what managers actually do.
Blake and Mouton: leader lattice
Situational theories
Fiedler's Contingency Theory: Different styles in different situations.
Hersey og Blanchard: leadership and employees maturity
Vroom og Yetton: Involvement in decision making
G. Yukl: leadership is MORE than the influence of employees
Argyris og Schøn: Espoused theory and theory-in-use
transactional and transformational leadership according to the Octograph
Johari-Window. Joseph Luft og Harry Ingham (1955, 1961)
The Octograph
Objectives, plans and laws
Giving feedback
Resistance to Change
Mountain rules
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