The Labyrinth includes guidelines (Desiderata) that form a system of norms within an organization. You navigate through the contents by selecting from among given response options. You can supplement the options by writing others on a separate sheet. Along the way, there are references to specific theories, but you can also read the theories you choose.

You navigate between pages choosing from numbers that appear in the Pull-Down Menu on the top of the page. Sometimes a number is used as a temporarily password. Do not overdo the use of passwords during navigation!

The Labyrinth is in Norwegian and English. Be patient when meeting small mistakes or unexpected things, and report if you choose to do so.

Before you start, it may be a good idea to try the above Pull-Down Menu back and forth – from pass-number to pass-number – while clicking the button "Find it" at the same time to see how it works. Pass-000 brings you back here.

The style of leadership that you MAY end with is: Autocratic, Participative, Self-offering style or a specific personal mixture of all three.
Before starting, I read about Desiderata.
Before starting, I refresh some theories of leadership.
I start directly with the Labyrinth.
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